When you bring creativity, balance and compassion to your life and work as a leader, you bring dynamic results to your organization.


Nancy Mosher Leadership Consulting and Coaching

I’m an organizational coach and consultant who grew up in the trenches! My 31  years as a senior and executive nonprofit leader gave me a deep understanding and appreciation of the challenges today’s leaders face. My own experience with coaching helped me, as a CEO, to tackle some of my most difficult challenges with clarity and resolve. I’m not an academician or a theoretician. I’m a practical, experience-based generalist, with a passion for supporting great leadership.

Over my career, I held multiple senior staff positions for a three-state $19 million health care organization providing educational and medical services to over 90,000 visits a year. I was President/CEO during the last nine years. I led an internal effort to develop a “learning organization”  culture based on the work of Peter Senge and others.  This initiative involved building a matrix of values and skills within the organization, including the following:

  • -Build a culture of trust, based on an agreed-upon set of values
  • Give and receive feedback constructively
  • -Approach problems systemically
  • -Develop process improvement skills
  • -Hold effective meetings
  • -Empower staff teams to innovate on behalf of the organization’s mission and purpose
  • -Grow strong customer service skills


  • An organization is only as effective as its teams on the front lines-    and  in  the board room. I work with staff teams and boards to build strategic visions, develop strong teams, and facilitate organizational planning. Together we can design trainings that are interactive and practical, based on your particular challenges and needs. Or we can develop a plan for facilitating dialogue that can break through intractable organizational barriers and free up the power of your work force.  In this constricted economy, it is my belief that leaders must be open to look at their challenges in ways that buck the organization’s tacitly agreed upon mental models. Investing in organizational change can be the most cost-effective line item in your budget.


  • Coaching provides you, the leader, with a relationship that is objective and supportive; that helps you clarify your goals, values and needs to fully develop your potential. I believe we lead most effectively when our leadership is aligned with our  core values and our own needs are being met. Coaching can take you there.
  • I have seen too many organizations operate through veils of secrecy and mistrust, constricting the full capacity of the work place. When leaders of mission-based organizations bring their full, authentic selves to their leadership roles, they create a work culture is vibrant, motivated and creative; one that dynamically serves the organization’s customers.
  • Coaching is unique to each client. It can be as detailed and involved as the client’s needs demand. One-hour-long phone conversations can be arranged when it’s most convenient for you- whether from your home, your office, or on the road. I will support you in clarifying your intentions, prioritizing your challenges, and building a road map for organizational change that reflects your particular capability and genius. It can be lonely at  the top. A coach can provide a confidential ear- and a viewpoint that is unique among your relationships.

New! Women’s Leadership Circles at my Montpelier office.

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